Who we are?

PERSONAL MUSIC is a professional company of personalized music services.

We design the most appropriate musical environment for every business.

We are experts in the musical setting for companies worldwide.

Musical Services

Custom channel

We design your custom channel under the legal options of Intellectual Property.
Increasingly, companies want to differentiate themselves from their competition.
We design the musical identity of your company.
100% personalized music service.

Promotional planning

We create your means of communication.
So that you can issue promotional messages of products or services within the business.
Also, to report news about the company.
Or exploit this medium as the channel for promoting the products of suppliers.

Music channel with alternative music taxes

The professional and legal option to reduce the investment in the musical setting of the business.
We design the music channel of your stores with free licenses.
It only invests in the musical service.

Custom music for all sectors

How do your customers behave?

  • 80% of purchase decisions are made impulsively at the point of sale.
  • 50% leave the store because they are annoyed by the selection of songs that have not been selected by professionals such as Personal Music.
  • 39% of customers do not return.

  • 40% of customers stay longer in the store if they feel that the music is well chosen.

  • Better music = Greater permanence.
    Greater permanence = More sales.

  • 21% recommend the store if they felt comfortable with background music.
  • 31% return to the store if the music is appropriate for the brand.

  • 97% of the marketing managers of the 100 best retailers in the world say that music strengthens the personality of the brand.

Outstanding international clients



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