The importance of audiomarketing in sales

Permanence of a customer in the store:

  • Random music: +1.6%.
  • Music selected by Personal Music: +40%.

For our clients, PERSONAL MUSIC is the audio marketing department in which they trust our experience in the design of the musical concept for their stores and businesses.

We bring this experience in the design and implementation of audiomarketing and sensory marketing with positive data to help increase sales without forgetting the motivation of the staff.

Music is the number one factor in improving a shopper’s mood in-store and has a positive impact on 95% of consumers (98% in the 18-24 age segment).

The quality of the music played is a major factor: six out of ten shoppers warn that they are turned off if brands make bad choices, such as playing unpleasant, inappropriate music or music that is played too loudly.

In Supermarkets and Department Stores, four out of ten shoppers recall enjoying music while shopping, six out of ten recall listening to promotional messages and one in five recall modifying their shopping list thanks to these messages.

72% of fashion shoppers recall enjoying music in a store.

In the case of Aesthetics and Beauty sectors, one out of two customers have a good memory of the music played inside the center.

Thus, more than half of the customers remember having stayed at a point of sale longer because they were enjoying the Personalized Musical Thread designed by PERSONAL MUSIC.