Music in Supermarkets – Audiomarketing

– Personalized Musical Thread for Supermarkets and Department Stores

The music selected by our audiomarketing service allows to change the purchase process and to cover off-peak hours or to vacate peak hours.
At peak times, the music is sped up to make shoppers more efficient and eliminate long waits. At times of lower shopper volume, the music slows down and softens, having a ‘feel-good’ effect on consumers, who will feel relaxed and spend more time in the store.

With Personal Music = Staff Performance = 73%.

Several studies in supermarkets affirm that 73% of employees perform better with an adequate and personalized music selection.

To “manipulate” the customer, if we design the Personalized Music Thread with calm styles, he will spend more time in the store -this way he will have more time to see more products-, while if the rhythm is fast, we will try to make him buy many things in a short time.

Slower, calmer music pushes consumers to spend more
time strolling through the aisles and looking at the products on display. And if you spend more time in a store, the more likely you are to see something you like.
Slow music therefore involves more time and more shopping.

What happens when you change your musical style?

It is not really a problem, but it is a change in habits. When fast music is playing, consumers hurry their steps to be more efficient shoppers. Loud music also makes customers fast, but not too loud.
They therefore buy less than they would under normal circumstances.

– Safe bet in Supermarkets

Music not only changes the speed at which we shop but also how we feel as we shop. The Personalized Musical Thread has to work as a contextual element, it has to make us feel comfortable and at ease without taking all our attention while doing so.

That’s what makes supermarkets go for hits, even if not particularly flashy, that simply play on the familiar but don’t break our attention while we consume.
Past successes are a kind of sure thing.